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  • Abortions: In The Church
    Divine Strategies to Spiritual Deliverance
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Isn't it About Time You Gave Birth To Your Destiny

Learn strategies to

Recognize the warning signs of a spiritual miscarriage, abortion and stillborn
Avoid having a spiritual miscarriage, abortion and stillborn
Overcome spiritual miscarriages, abortions, and stillborn high risk factors
Recognize the effects and importance of spiritual midwives
Concieve the word of God for your life
Preserve the word of God on your life
Give Birth to your greatness within

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In a world where Christians are against the murder of a life. It could be found very strange that when it comes to spiritual murders we become very silent. Christians are very radical and vocal when it comes to abortion protest, rallies or discussions. I often wonder will there ever be a time when we are just as radical and vocal about spiritual abortions. If there was ever a time to become very vocal or radical about spiritual deaths and murders I would say the time is NOW. Natural deaths and murders that are taking place at an alarming rate is just a snapshot of what’s taking place spiritually in the lives of Gods children. To reduce and eliminate the bloodshed that we are seeing across this world we must start with the elimination of what’s taking place spiritually within mankind. Murder and deaths are taking place by the way of spiritual abortions, miscarriages and stillborn and they are happening inside the church. It is time to build healthy churches that are conducive to conceive, carry and deliver the promise and purpose of God within their lives However, there cannot be a delivery until there is a deliverance.

Abortions in the Church – Divine Strategies of Spiritual Deliverance is a book designed to spring forth a spiritual awakening in the church across the world as it brings deliverance unto Gods people. It speaks to the body of Christ about the bloodshed that is taken place in God’s house day after day and assembly after assembly. As it shed light on the spiritual miscarriages, abortions, and stillborn that are taking place right in the church of God’s promises and purposes for His people. While exposing its direct connection to the murders and deaths that are taking place naturally. The bloodshed must end on the inside of the church before it reaches beyond its walls. Abortions in the Church – Divine Strategies of Spiritual Deliverance provides strategies on how to be delivered from those things that causes spiritual miscarriages, abortions and stillborn so that one can deliver the manifestation of God’s word within their lives.

Birth Your Greatness

Don't Doubt Doubt will kill your Dreams and cause a spiritual misscarriage. Develop an I can do it attitude
Have Faith Faith will give you the strength to preserve your dreams and desires.
Keep Hope AliveHope give you the nutrients you need for your dream to survive.
Give Birth You can give birth to anything that you dont dont, have faith in and keep hope alive.
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