"In The Church" Collection

“In the Church” TV & Radio Broadcast
“In The Church” is a live, two-hour weekly talk show from D.O.R.M International that is produced every Monday night from 6:00pm – 8:00pm featuring Host/Moderator Pastor Derashay Zorn, Co-Host Pastor Sharon Peguese, and Apostle Patrick V. Allen. It is the platform in which they will shine the light of God’s word “In the Church” to discuss and resolve real everyday issues that are taking place around the world exposes the good, the bad and the ugly. They will engage in a powerful conversation where they will share their opinion, expertise and reveal the truth in God’s word on every topic imaginable. The hosts will engage the audience in the discussion by taking live callers and interacting with comments, questions, and prayer.

“In the Church” broadcast in HD Internet Live Streaming TV & Internet Radio, and is available every Monday night from 6:00pm – 8:00pm to watch live online at GospelbodyRadio.org/live-tv and heard live on GospelbodyRadio.org radio station. Viewers and listeners interact live by calling 404.300.3925 “In The Church” is owned by D.O.R.M International and produced by Gospel Body Ministries Radio and TV. Patrick Anash(@gospelbodyradio) is the executive producer.

“In the Church” Education
“In the Church” education is a collection of books, training materials, and curriculum's, etc for the equipping and edification of the body of Christ. This collection will tackle a series of topics that will address different matters that are taking place within the church for the purpose of bring forth healing and deliverance so that God’s people can move into greater dimensions within the purpose in which He has called them.  The idea for birthing these series was given to Pastor Derashay Zorn in 2014 when God had her to write a book entitled Abortions in the  Church – Divine Strategies to Spiritual Deliverance” which deals with spiritual miscarriages, abortion and stillborn that are taken place within the church that are hindering the advancement of the kingdom of God through His people. Pastor Derashay Zorn will continue to author and do collaborative works to produce books, training materials and curriculum's for addressing and resolving issues “In the Church”.

“In the Church” Consulting and Training
“In the Church” Consulting and Training Services will provide professional services to ministries, churches, organizations and individuals.  God has given each house a specific set of instructions or blueprint to fulfill the unique purpose in which He has ordained since the creation of the world. We are designed to assist the birthing of God’s blueprints through kingdom analysis that Develop, Design and Deploy ministries and individuals to the next dimension of kingdom implementation. God has equipped us with Kingdom Development and Kingdom Empowerment solutions that will align ministries and individuals with their God ordained destiny. Contact “In the Church” today for customized services to meet individuals and corporate needs within the Kingdom of God.

Our Team

Pastor Derashay Zorn

"In The Church" Host

Kingdom Strategist,  Blueprint Builder and Spiritual Midwife Pastor Derashay Zorn is an international mentor and expert in the art of unleashing purpose, developing dreams, and expanding untapped potentials within individuals, corporations and ministries. Her passion for information technology has led her to obtaining a Master of Science in Information System Management which equipped her to specialize in analyzing, developing and managing systems to birth or expand individuals and entities into the next dimension of kingdom implementation. She is also the Founder and CEO of In The Church™ & Divine Order Restoration Ministries International and many other entrepreneurship endeavors.
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Pastor Sharon Pequese

"In The Church" Co-Host

Pastor Sharon Pequese is the founder of World Changes Global Ministries. She has the heart of Gods people and have traveled the world saving souls and preaching the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Pastor Sharon has been instrumental in establishing missionary schools, health clinics, bible college, etc in various countries. In addition to training outreach and deliverance teams.
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Patrick Ansah

Founder/Broadcaster/ Producer Gospel Body Ministries

Mr. Patrick Ansah is the visionary of Gospel Body Ministries where He is dedicated to spreading the Gospel of Jesus around the world. One day the Lord spoke to him saying " you can reached out  to the world by witnessing to all thru the means of the Electronic Media", Hearing these words Patrick begin to pray to ensure e it was the voice of God talking to him.  After taking his time seeking  and praying to the LORD, the Mr. Ansah launch the website name " GOSPEL  BODY " and later added the  Internet radio and TV to the site, which is now called GOSPEL BODY MINISTRIES. God has utilized his gifts and talents to provide platforms for the soul purpose of Spreading the Gospel of Jesus around the world. read more

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